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Bitcoin Price 7000 Cryptocurrency News New Technology 2017 Blockchain Fintech

Bitcoin Price 7000 Cryptocurrency News New Technology 2017 Blockchain Fintech

live from the USA helping you get paid every day this is the boasts a Bitcoin the crystal crypto is your boy BK and if you like me you must not like money is November 6 you guys and as you already know the market is pulling back a little bit but don't fear the boy BK is here with some insight some guidance and hopefully a little bit of crypto knowledge to keep you profitable and prominent in the marketplace there's your first time to Denis and congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK my friends call me to crypto traitor and I am the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day you get the profit as a result so stay tuned everybody we're doing our question of the day live on the air at the end of this video and that will be your chance to win some cash money compliments of the boats so with that being said we're gonna jump straight into it and introduce ourselves to civilization civilization 2.0 cryptokeys where the market cap is well north of a 1 trillion list you know we're all everybody that bought Bitcoin and theory and back in tools to 2017 we just bought the whole building you know I'm saying and this is our little playground right here whatever we want we got in that little building right there that's pretty cool but uh yeah we are reaching a new day and age everybody I don't know if you realize it or not I think you do by listening to these words I think you know we have an enlightened group and an informed community and I'm very fortunate to have such an amazing audience you know and I think everybody does realize that this is indeed a turning point in our civilization this is a pivot in our existence for better or for worse it's happening and it's with that that creates the opportunity for us to learn what's happening for us to be aware of what's happening for us to be cognizant of the different influences and the different variables in the equation so we can make a better informed decision as to where we want to place our resources you always have a choice you always have the power to choose what you wish to do and just by listening to these words right now you are choosing the path of being informed being empowered and hopefully this will yield you bountiful fruits of financial harvest well down the road today's video is gonna be really talking about how does this new civilization get built who are the major players that are coming in behind the scenes to rebuild civilization from the inside out and more so how can you profit from it from what's taking place on the blockchain so that being said I do have a few pages that we'll be looking at anybody can do this you can do this right now I don't recommend it because then you won't be able to listen to me anymore but you know once we get done talking you could go on you know right now type in city of the future one of the things I like to do I like to click on news right over there because this kind of just throws like the most populated articles right this is within the past couple days and I thought this was interesting this is I heard about this already but this is an article talking about Toronto where they want to build almost like a test city if anybody you know knows how these private semi-private civil engineering projects happen this is one of them where basically a private entity builds out the infrastructure of a communal place they actually have some like this here in Atlanta right here at Atlanta station I believe right there all 17 to Midtown to where it's private land you wouldn't know it you would just be walking around just fine you know hunky-dory going shopping you don't even know it's private land everything is you know designed to be a system right and that's what they're building out right now when you walk down the street right one of the things I like to do when I travel is you know going to Chicago New York San Francisco LA Miami Brazil you know is just look at the city start to understand that it's a system right understand that the water doesn't just sit there and allow people to walk on it that was actually designed that the sewers were designed that the sinks were designed that the lights were designed understand that we are essentially a part of a system right and so therefore we can understand the variables we can understand the builders we can understand the logic they use and we can better put ourselves in a situation to be better off in the future so this is just one quick article that Google is doing this is another one this is the one I actually wanted to talk with you guys about this is boards a little a couple years ago a couple years removed but I think it's still relevant where they talk about cities of the future what do they look like how do we build them notice that is a proactive communal initiative whether you agree to it or not it's already happening so you might as well make some money as a result you know they'll sit back and pout say I don't want this to happen understand it is happening and better better better than that understand how you can make some money you know now that we know what direction we're all headed right and what's their impact right so this is what they call smart cities future cities more or less the next step of smart phones everybody you know put it this way more people have a smartphone than people that have electricity the that's pretty crazy but more people have access to a smartphone I'll say that then people that have access to electricity so essentially this is already in in place right and again I'm not here to say it's good I'm not here to say it's bad I'm not here to show any bias whatsoever all I all you know my sincerest effort is to try to help you guys understand the transition that's taking place in particular how these different industries are coming together and then loop it back into the blockchain and what's happening right now every day what we see on the charts right so this is just a quick blip of what this guy put together let's go back to that article just to pull some qualitative content out of there notice they already say National Resources Defense Council more or less resources right corn gold oil water land resources right so already there they're clustering communal terminology together to basically say this is this is already in motion you guys and this is a national initiative between now and the year 2050 right so they have a 50-year plan 30 year plan and works right now data-driven right that's a big one data-driven what does that mean data-driven as far as I know it to mean is autonomous it's basically what the blockchain does better than any other protocol or process ever preceding it it works right and that's the simplest way to say it when they say data-driven they just want to say it works it works fast it works better and we don't have to worry about it they use all these different quant correlations to more or less build out their existing entities their existing businesses uh notice this is Oracle right Oracle is a huge huge huge huge multi national conglomerate business that's kind of like one of the backbones of you know a lot of corporate computer software programs and Technology nobody even knows you know what they really do anymore but they're so big and so old that you know they're still relevant here in 2014 well essentially what data-driven means to them is how do we make Oracle this company that was founded in 1948 you know if we look up work I don't want to I don't want get distracted but you know they really don't produce any any strong value anymore they're just embedded in all these huge huge huge multinational software protocol so how do we make this company how do we bring them up to speed well we gotta make them data-driven we got it we got a you know what some other tag where as you go seeing this thing it's student inspired basically higher auto broke kids that are a hundred thousand dollars in debt give them about 80 to 120 thousand dollars a year and have them come work for us that's what that means rocket-powered cat they use a naughty little buzzwords that you know everybody at Ford's like to read this is what gets them excited like them old ins in the boardroom get hard-on when they see articles like this yes student inspired stem science technology engineering math yes right or a call Academy I can't even tell you what Oracle does anymore but more than likely they haven't bought two or three companies that are doing something so that's how they're still relevant because that's how these things work so I'm getting a little bit off topic let's bring it back essentially everything is all divided up everything is already in process and this is our civilization as we know it a high-level diagram of it and this is the civilization that will be recreated where everyone is basically you know little walking beacons connected to one centralized grid of connectivity right your phone talks to the the internet tower talks to your TV talks to your apartment talks to your alarm clock talks to your refrigerator talks to your car talks to your while it talks to you know the farmer making ethanol and all this other stuff right this is what they call smart infrastructure smart civilization basically where where privacy is more or less mitigated and transparency at least one way transparency they can look in but we can't look out one way transparency is completely coherent so that's their smart world of design right now how does all of that correlate into what's happening right now well as you can see we have to date 1265 crypto currencies and once you actually start to get inside them and actually understand you know this is just one of them I just happen to scroll down and saw it in and jumped out but once you understand that especially the big ones I would say almost every coin in the top 50 and this is number 50 so we'll cut it off on this one is being built for a specific purpose and that purpose will ultimately contribute to this purpose right and so now let's look at what this one does black chain plus RFID equals value Internet of Things remember Internet of Things one central node many many different little pieces your smartphone is a little piece the taxi is a little piece the grocery store is a little piece and these guys are essentially looking at making RFID chips which will be integrated and hardwired into our industry and our infrastructure right and this is happening right now right this is not you know something some idea that they're you know hoping that give get money for they didn't even need an IC o---- they already had money right they were already funded they just popped up and and you can look on their project plan to understand how this is actually being built out and who are the other big players and partners that are helping them build it this is why I say this is happening right now so what we can do in the crypt overs is understand that start to a a fragment and segment these different industries just the same as Bloomberg does so when we say Bloomberg industry or know let's say sector analysis right so Bloomberg has this thing called you know sectors and this is where they basically divide up the entire stock market into about eight different clusters right information technology for example you click on that you'll probably see another big big big you know categorization so you can see out of eight categories now we got information technology but even inside this we still got what 74 companies right semiconductors let's see if we even know recognize any of the names on this screen probably not IT now we're at first solar ok first solar 6.4 billion dollar market cap right okay cool so that's semiconductors so first solar F SLR is similar to let's say power ledger on the blockchain and you can see over time as we start to categorize and you know identify these different sectors we can essentially understand how this whole civilization is being built out between these twelve hundred and sixty five different crypto currencies right and that's our opportunity that's really what I wanted to take the chance to identify with you guys today as that is an initiative that I'm undertaking and inside the text next 12 months I do have plan to have this thing pinned down and I do plan to understand exactly as money is moving where it's moving why it's moving and how we can profit from it but until then you know I got to look at this list one off one out of time just to get an idea but just know it's well in the works and so much that uh just earlier this week your boy released the beta of you know the first of many iterations in this whole saga is called crypto police report is $25 and it basically gives you a high-level overview of what we just talked about of you know where these different sectors are coming in and more so where you should put your money at on the blockchain to profit from it right I told you guys that we are building a new civilization right they could throw it in one icon and you know make you pay $10,000 a month and give it to all their rich banker friends on Wall Street for free over at goldman sachs team Schwab Ameritrade and you know Citigroup but we don't got that so you got me and I module Utley right I sat in it i sat in the UH same same conference room a lot of these a lot of these people I was on the same conference calls a lot of these people was on you know so I know what they look for and I'm looking for it right now and I'm identifying it I'm associating it relative to the market place and you know as far as I know nobody else is doing this I think honestly I think it's one person that has the inside and wherewithal on YouTube to be able to do this and he's not doing it right now so until then I'm doing it and I think it's a great opportunity for you guys not only to get informed but to also get empowered you know this is this is one of the things that we did talk about at the University of Notre Dame was really identifying and understanding how business is built right and and behind the scenes you have all these little bitty pieces right and nobody really sees how blackcoin may be connected to energy coin right but then once you scale it out and you say well you know black coins is spring care and energy coin is smart lighting and you know together they're both underlaid by the Oracle platform which you know has its headquarters in Taiwan but that's being financed by you know you see you start to build these bridges and understand exactly the correlations and connections between an entire industrial grid a new civilization has been rebuilt right in front of our very eyes and over the next 12 months it will be my due diligence to pinpoint the value and understand how that's happening and more so how we all can profit from it as a result and there in lies the opportunity so Creek topless report you guys I'm pretty proud of this thing it was an amazing collaboration between myself and the mods and our Facebook group if you don't know now you know you are officially a part of history this is the number one Bitcoin group in the world typing in on Facebook as Mark Zuckerberg I'm sure he know about me you know Flagg about three of my accounts already asking for 12 different photo IDs but it's called number one Bitcoin group in the world BAM there go come on in the doors are always open fourteen thousand of my best friends come together seven days a week to help each other make some money you know I'm in this thing almost every day you guys I make it making my due diligence to jump in here and you know this guy was pretty funny right there that made me laugh earlier um you know just to keep it positive you know I think I think as people continue to make money that is my goal make as many people as much money as possible point blank P you don't have to pay me one done you don't gotta pay $9.99 for you to me course I don't even ask for no money on Parthenon I just say come on in the doors are always open once you get on put somebody else on each one reach one reach one teach one the less people we got broken desperate the less desperate and broke everybody got to be all together right and this is a very easy way to make some real deal money guys but it takes the knowledge and the insight to really take two steps back look behind the curtain and see who the major players are we they plan on doing where they plan on doing it what what tokens and currencies and Kryptos they plan on using and I'm pretty sure I just gave you a fairly good idea inside of about eighteen and a half minutes of how that's gonna shake out you know at least as far as the next two or three years is concerned and again boss of Bitcoin comm right this is our question of the day but before we do that I'm gonna jump over into our chat to see who we got rocking out live on the air with the boss right now shout to country I don't want to see a kaleidoscope of nations you guys I'm gonna give you about 13 seconds let's see if we got any question oh man auto fix it Oh Smith it thank you for sharing your method with it thank you again I've seen you a few times in chat room thank you for your support I do appreciate you know you guys just coming on we are we were on the chat earlier just doing charts a lot of people you know came through I'm not rocking with the best things being what you do thank you you know I appreciate you thank you guys I'm real quick one of the I SEOs I am excited about I think that was one of the things I was gonna ask you guys earlier but um in - comm I think today is it open today or tomorrow let's see let's see let's see one day pre I see El token distribution start BAM so if you ain't registered yet let me uh i'ma do this in the chat right now I'm going to a copy and paste the link to go ahead and get set up over there um okay and this was the group I was out in Poland for about a week with an amazing amazing team awesome energy awesome city I really can't say enough about it I don't want to say too much but I don't want to get tired of me but it was legit it was legit and I'm actually going to be putting some of my hard-earned money in this ICO um tomorrow so I'll probably make a video I mean that's just so everybody can see how that comes together so let's see yeah if you're in the chat we're yeah well yeah so yeah shouts country young people let's go ahead and wrap this thing on up also yeah that's cool let's do that oh badger state Michelle holding down for the ready white number nine in the nation on Wisconsin Jersey Australia Australia Denmark Poland Australia down under three times early polling was going on I don't Canada Cuba Toronto Jersey Texas uh Mel Bourne LA USA Portland is that la west coast are la Louisiana I think is the west coast Senate cruise Surf's Up paint can for me out there NYC Brazil Phoenix Utah Massachusetts Canada southern linen gray Sutherland tuna Georgia Portland and Seattle miss Debbie owned it down to Seattle here we go question of the day let's get somebody paid this is how it works you guys you need to leave your answer in the comments I will be picking a winner one week from today so Monday November that probably should say thirteenth I forgot to change then Monday November 13 tell me what year well cryptocurrency break one trillion dollars in market cap will it be 2017 2018 2050 never was it gonna be let me know leave me a comment in the description right up under this video again if you haven't done it yet make sure you hit that thumbs up button you guys it does help me out a lot with regards to get in this video you know distribution and letting everybody in our community see it so again guys this is exactly how it worked right there you just go down a little bit hit that thumbs up BAM 92 thumbs up right now I do appreciate that thank you so much with that being said leave me your question of the day I guess somebody paid is that time of the day signing out this stuff folks hey everybody in the chat make sure you leave it in the comments don't leave it in the chat I'm not picking a winner now leave it in the comments signing out this is the folks yo boy BK no matter where you stay from Brazil to the bank California all the way back out to jerk money good night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time make sure you like subscribe and share do you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic y'all

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