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Send in the Wolves’ Jim Toner Explains How to Successfully Start Your Own Business

Most people in our time do not know what business means. They pursue income, but what they do not know is that employees, tax liabilities, legal issues also do business.
You've heard stories about how people start their business without having a clue what they are doing, and then close the business, because they failed. Even large companies with great potential are closing, because they will not go anywhere.

Why is this happening? First of all, their leaders are often lost and dragged into what they should not do first. Business owners are surrounded by the wrong people and instead of doing what they do best, leaders are busy doing everything else.

This confusion leads to a lack of income, problems with employees, marketing that does not work, or it does not even exist, and no system that was created to attract and retain customers. All these errors are costly and can sink your business at any time.

As Jim Toner said, the entrepreneur and real estate investor once said, "Business is not meant for you to manage, businesses are meant to make you rich." In business, there is nowhere to run and think about your next step. These are the systems that should work for you. Regardless of business owners, they should never allow fear and panic.

So who are leaders called when they do not know what to do with their business?
The Wolf and the Irishman

Jim Toner and John Mulrey or Wolf and the Irish, as they are called, are experienced entrepreneurs and business professionals who help business owners create systems and run their business smoothly. In other words, they help people become successful and get rich.

For almost 30 years, Jim Toner has come a long way in the world of business and real estate investment. But before he became successful, Jim worked in three jobs and did not receive any money in return. He admits that he went into real estate, because he knew it was money. And soon he found a lot.

But Jim Toner is not so simple that he describes in detail in his recent middle post. The economic collapse hit his business, like all other businesses, especially in real estate. At that time banks took out loans, and Jim tried to navigate through endless problems. Then he realized that what he had received, in turn, was priceless. The struggle gave him the experience and knowledge that he shares in his recent book.

He went from a good guy to a smarter businessman. It was then that Toner realized that before he was a terrible businessman! What he experienced made him more experienced and ready to use this knowledge as a completely new platform for making money. Jim turned his loss into victory.

Jim began to teach people what he did best. He discovered a business model where he was accused of his knowledge. Toner worked with people individually and saw that everyone was experiencing the same problems as they used to. They repeated the same mistakes with management, operations, the lack of a marketing and sales department. Many of these business owners were sitting in a potential gold mine, but they just did not see it.
In a world of charlatans, be a real bargain

What was Jim's next step? Now he could do and save a lot of money for other people. He became a wolf. In the world of charlatans, Jim realized that he was a real bargain. But even a real deal can not do everything by itself. He managed a lot, and he needed someone who was his equal. So he decided to find this man.

One day, Jim was looking for a specific business strategist. It took him 5 minutes to find John Mulrey online. He went through his systems and was thrilled that he was also very right. Toner sent an e-mail with his requirements, and John immediately answered. It's one thing that does not happen too often in the business world. They both knew what they were doing. It was fate. They had something. So they accepted their skills and decided to help other business owners.

John Mulry is an award-winning marketing consultant, announcer and best-selling author. His experience covers both online and offline direct response marketing. Like Jim, John was never the one who agreed to the status quo of the recession. Instead, he studied with some of the leading experts in the business world.
Things happen for a reason

Both Jim and John found out that everything in life happens for a reason. People go through hell and get education from it (if they are smart). But the fact is that you become more powerful if you unite with people who have faced the same problems. Your skills complement each other, and you do more than you could do alone.

The first thing that Mulri did when he started doing business is hire a mentor. According to John, we are never alone in the market, no matter what type of business it has. John received guidance on what he should and should not do. He avoided making costly mistakes and learned from people who at that time had more experience than he.

One of the rules of doing business is that you can succeed only when you help others. For example, John and Jim had a client who was a top scientist, brilliant in what he does, but his business was a mess. When they combined systems and helped him gain confidence, he could again help others.

Failure is not always the end of the story. Failure is often the beginning of another, better story that happened to us for a reason. You can call it fate, the law of the universe or something else.
You will never be rich working for someone else

This is what you need to know about money: you will never get rich by working for someone else. Currently, automation makes everything interchangeable. This means that most people who consider their work to be safe are fatally mistaken.

According to Jim Toner and John Mulry, people who work for others are in danger because they do not have real security. Ironically, most people prefer to work for someone else, because they believe that this will provide them with permanent financial stability.

Having your own business is the path to freedom, but also to security, and that's what we need so much. The risks are obvious. The reality is that most people fail with their business, because they do not understand what it means to enter the business.

Let's say you're a great cook. You know that you are good, and you want to open your own restaurant. Having a skill is just one piece of the puzzle. You have to ask yourself if you know anything about stock management, taxes, employees. Is there even a demand for what you want? Maybe you are good at something, but no one else cares about it.

That's why everyone needs a mentor in business. Especially when you are a beginner, you can not (and should not) do it all alone. But if you spend time and effort to train your target market to who you are and why you are the best in your field, you will succeed.

You will receive the recognition you deserve, and, ultimately, become an expert. As Toner and Mulry explained, once you become a celebrity in your niche, one of the most unpleasant things in every business will disappear, and this is a price objection. People will pay you a lot of money if you are an expert in your field.

When people deal with power and experts, and if they recognize you as they are, they are willing to pay any amount of money because they trust you. When it comes to running your own business, it's important to remember to follow profits, not passions. Passion comes later.
Five systems

Business owners always make a profit. While profits can cause a lot of problems, leaders should not be able to pursue the next big profit around the clock. Systems that are basically their 24-hour sales service should do it for them.

However, most enterprises last about 5 years, and then they fail, because they do not have systems to support them. But do not worry, it's never too late to implement all five of these systems and see how difficult it was to work without them.

First of all, every business needs a leading generating system. The leading generation is the process of attracting and turning strangers into someone who has shown an interest in your product. These unfamiliar people are your potential customers. Some of the examples of popular leading generators are coupons and various types of online content. But it really does not matter where your conclusions are. They can be online or offline, the important thing is that you need a system that will target your target audience.

Then you need a sales conversion system. You can not use them unless you convert them! Regardless of whether you transfer them over the phone to a sales team either online or face to face, this system is absolutely essential for every industry. You should be able to regularly hear about the results that you get from your sales system. One way to do this is to set up weekly trading meetings with your sales team. Go to the victories and problems with them, and discuss the best practices in educating and closing your potential customers. Make sure that everything is on the same page with you. This is a great way to get constant feedback on how to improve the system that you have implemented.

Once you convert the leadership, you have a client. It sounds simple, does not it? But now you need a client experience system that will blow your customers away. The system should make them say: "Wow, this man really cares about me! They do not just want money. I feel highly appreciated here. " This is the key moment in traveling with customers, because it is there that you gain confidence, and they decided to stay with you. Always keep this in mind: consumers today have more choices than ever before. These options are more complex, and they have more channels through which they can be pursued. In such an overwhelming environment, simple solutions will gain loyalty to the consumer, compressed in time.

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